Tiziana’s identity is deeply intertwined with her membership in the Luca Infinita and its ethos of discipline and strength. Unfortunately, the brilliant golden armour she dons does not reflect a shining heart beneath. Tiziana expresses affection only for the Luca’s definition of justice, no matter the cost to her own life, to society or to the political stage. Any other causes espoused to the Marshal are met only with stale platitudes and excuses born of regulations.

The Registry’s summoning of the war criminal Cicero Gavar to assist in its private investigations has earned it the curiosity of Seimora’s Crown; it is to sate this curiosity that Tizana has been sent to be a part of the investigation. Unsurprisingly, though, she has been presented by the Crown as simply an ‘aide’. How long her true purpose will remain masked is another question entirely.